7 Spiritual Laws of God

When the seven laws of success are applied, we will enjoy God`s blessing and true success. God wants us to live happy and fulfilling lives, but many pursue happiness as a goal in itself. As a result, they become frustrated, upset and discouraged. What must be recognized is that happiness is a consequence of something else – filling the void mentioned above. I hope you will apply the laws in your life. However, you need to read the book to fully understand all the laws. 1. Set the right goal – goals are important. Successful people always set goals. However, it is just as important to choose the right destination. Most of our goals are based on our external and material needs. But we also have inner and spiritual needs that God has placed in us. There is a spiritual principle throughout the Bible that God does nothing to satisfy a believer`s need on earth until He is first asked.

God spared Lot because Abraham begged God in the name of Lot (Gen 18). God spared Israel from total destruction because Moses intervened (Exodus 32). King Hezekiah was sentenced to death. However, when he asked God to extend his days, the Almighty added another fifteen years to his life (Isaiah 38:5). When Peter was in prison planning his execution after Passover, the Church did not stop praying, and God freed an angel from the Lord to deliver Peter (Acts 12). The first law of prayer is this: praying means asking for or forming words from your heart and pronouncing them as a request and a request before God. Conclusion: We need to develop both our spiritual and physical muscles. When we begin to understand these fundamental laws of the Spirit regarding prayer, we can all pray with more faith, trust, and expectation. 7.

Seek God`s continued guidance – To fulfill the previous six laws, we must follow Him. In search of God: we must pray to Him, recognize Him, and follow Him. FAITH IS THE FIRST STEP, and confession seals faith. Faith and confession are spiritual laws that create a supernatural result for the believer and confessor. Just as there are natural laws of gravity, aerodynamics, and life and death, there are also laws of the Spirit (Romans 8:2), including spiritual guidelines for prayer. One of the nine fruits of the Spirit is the fruit of faith (Gal 5:22, KJV). This type of belief should mature with a person`s spiritual growth. There is also a gift of faith listed as one of the nine gifts of the Holy Ghost (1 Corinthians 12:7-10). This gift is a supernatural transmission of faith, often associated with healing gifts and the work of miracles. You can always decide to release this person from your life or continue the trial, but if you can do it calmly and without revenge, you will have its influence on your emotional state revoked. Think of forgiveness simply as acting responsibly and without malice.

Forgiveness allows us to regain our creative energy, channel it into healthier purposes, move forward with life, and pursue our own growth. According to this law, your intention drives your desires, and it has an infinite organizational power that commands the universe to fulfill your desires. However, intent only works if you don`t violate the other laws of success. The spiritual principles and laws of prayer listed above are essential to obtain answers to prayer. However, if you pray without expecting the answer to come, you risk losing the joy of waiting, which is the breeding ground for the answer you are waiting for! The third law of power is the law of the sower. The sower is a spiritual warrior. It includes the five demonic tasks that Satan uses to steal, kill, and destroy the rhema of the hearts of God`s sons. Obeying the law of the sower will take you beyond the forces of darkness which, through pressure, mistreatment, debt, wealth, steal everything and forbidden things and powerfully plunge you into your harvest. Satan does not play by the same rules and will use temptations, trials, and other circumstances when mental and spiritual pressure builds up to cause a person to make bad decisions. Deepak Chopra believes that applying the seven laws of success will allow you to manifest your desires because Infinite Intelligence/Nature/God have used the same laws to create the physical universe. How do you define success? Is it by income level, bank account size, car brand, home size, education or career? Are these things really a real success? Do they offer lasting satisfaction? Further examination will reveal that they are not.

A lasting value is what defines true success in life, a value that society cannot take away. This success is achieved by obeying the 7 spiritual laws of success. So, what are the 7 spiritual laws of success? Some people call them spiritual laws, spiritual principles, spiritual truths – I sometimes call them spiritual strategies. The first type is carnal wisdom, which is not spiritual and comes from the devil. This leads to selfish ambition and envy. This is the wrong kind of wisdom that the world is seeking. The wisdom of the world aspires to power, position and material goods and measures their success. This is not true wisdom at all and does not create lasting happiness. 13 Who is wise and understanding among you? May he show it by his good life, by actions done in the humility that comes from wisdom. 14 But if you have bitter envy and selfish ambition in your heart, do not boast about it or deny the truth. 15 Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven, but is earthly, not spiritual to the devil.

We will be better able to achieve our goals if we strive to achieve fitness.

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